Standard Services - In Home Care

Our service begins with an initial consultation where you will get to meet with us and
we will get to meet you and your pet(s)!

During this consultation we will also discuss all aspects of caring for your pet(s) with
the utmost attention to detail; i.e. feeding, walking, administration of medications,
grooming and of course loving!  
You will also be provided with a contract regarding our policies and areas for you to
provide any additional information that we may need while you are away.  

Each Visit is 30-45 minutes in length and also includes:

  • Lots of tender loving care for your pets
  • Feed and refresh water daily
  • Litter box refreshing
  • Recreation time -healthy walks, ball or frisbee games
  • Brushing and/or massages
  • Water plants
  • Mail, newspaper and package retrieval
  • Garbage cans in or out
  • Lights and or curtains can be alternated to make your home look occupied.

Upon your return, your home will remain as you left it and your happy pet
will be right there ready to greet you!

Transport Services

We will transport your pet(s) to and from your home to the veterinarians office or for
their grooming appointments.

On occasion and if time permits, we also offer trips to parks or get- togethers for
play-dates with other canine friends.

Obedience Training - One on one - In Your Own Home -

If you can only afford one type of training for your pet, at home training will provide
you with the absolute best success.  After all, they must first learn to respect, trust
and obey
you, their master in their own home first.  This type of training will also
provide you and your pet with the confidence that is needed when you will want to
socialize your dog with other animals. You will receive personal one on one
concentrated, positive reinforcement training for both you and your pet by a
seasoned professional animal behaviorist.  You will also be provided with complete
informational worksheets that you can refer to as you work alone with your dog in
between sessions with your trainer.

Counseling will include issues such as: House Breaking, Socialization, Fears and
Phobias, Aggression issues, Excessive Barking, Puppy Rearing and much more!

Nutritional Counseling & Natural Health Maintenance

Counseling is provided for those interested in feeding their pets an optimum diet
which includes the BARF DIET - which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw
Food or Bones and Raw Food.  Some suggested links: , ,

Some suggested readings: The Nature of Animal Healing, by Martin Goldstein,
Give Your Dog a Bone, by Ian Billinghurst, or Foods Pets Die For, by Ann Martin.

In addition we are also able to provide you with many other natural alternatives
regarding any health issues you may have with your pet(s).  We can also assist you
in finding veterinary practices who specialize in all forms of treatment(s), (holistic as
well as traditional) for your loved ones.

Pets to benefit from a natural and healthy diet are those who suffer with some of the
following ailments:

-Sensitive stomach/digestion
-Excessive shedding
-Skin conditions
-Ear infections
-Dental Problems
-Rotting teeth
-Dull and flaky coat
-Poor muscle tone
-Hip Dysplasia
-Diminished life expectancy
-Diseases (such as cancer, pancreatitis, arthritis, diabetes, cushings
disease, feline leukemia, kidney and liver problems, etc)
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