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About Our Business
For The Love Of Pets began over 18 years ago when a friend gifted me
with a little Chocolate Labrador who I named Country Brown. I had
already been working in the corporate world in Manhattan for about ten
years when I realized very shortly after receiving Country and falling in
love with him that I could not bear to leave him.  Being raised by my
mother in a large family I was never able to have an animal of my own
and so I instantly realized what a privilege it was to love and be loved by
an animal.  Therefore, I decided that I would do anything I could to give
him the best life possible which included leaving New York and taking on
other work that would enable me to be with him throughout the day.  And
so I became a waitress, a plant lady, a driver for meals on wheels, a
bakery worker (the early shift of course), a bartender (the late shift of
course!) and so on.

It was during this time that I also realized that surely there must be others
like myself who wanted the same for their beloved pets or those who
would like to have a pet but had no one to care for them while they were
at work.   It was on a walk with Country on the beaches of Long Island
that the name For The Love Of Pets came to me.  I knew at once that
was what I had to do…… for Country and all of the other wonderful
animals out there. I then moved to Connecticut where I took a position as
an installer for The Invisible Fence Company.  I worked extremely hard at
this job as it was intensely physical, but I was also able to learn a lot
about different breeds and their personalities.  After several years at IF,  
I desired to move closer to my goal of having my own business and
earned a degree at The New York School of Grooming and Training.    
I was finally able to devote all of my time to the business….and to
Country. He made many new friends during this time as he would
accompany me almost everywhere I went.  It was during this time that I
also realized how important animal companionship was to other animals
and so I rescued a little beagle mix named Rocky.  They instantly loved
each other.  It was several years later when Rocky was diagnosed with
cancer and pancreatitis.   After Rocky’s death I went on a mission to find
out if there was any way that we could have avoided the pain and
suffering that we all endured during his illness.  I attended several animal
related Nutritional Seminars and special education courses and
discovered that the link between many of the ailments and illnesses that
our domesticated pets were enduring was due, in large part, to poor

After these discoveries I immediately switched both of my dogs  over to a
raw diet.  I also decided that in addition to our traditional veterinarian, we
would also seek holistic treatment as well.  This practice confirmed my
decision to switch the animals over to a raw diet where in just two weeks
we saw a marked improvement in their overall health, including their
coats, breath and spirits!  They loved their new diet.  I then became
aware of a raw product line sold by our veterinarian and shortly
thereafter became a distributor of Oma's Pride which consists of the
complete line of raw products for cats and dogs. Although the subject of
nutrition had not been the main part of the business, it has truly been the
most rewarding as we have had the joy of seeing owners along with their
pets as they experience the astounding difference in their overall health.  
It also helped tremendously when my beloved Country passed away at
17 years of age.  To know he died of old age and not cancer or some
other disease helped me to know that truly, I did the very best that I
could for him.

Since I began my business in l989, I have had the honor and privilege of
meeting some wonderful and caring owners and their pets.    

We are excited to be able to bring that same devotion to our work now
here in Connecticut and am able to offer you and your pet(s) a wide
variety of

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