Pawsitively Happy Clients
"Grizzly" off to meet some new
"Sammy The Bull" Labrador
No more racing for rescued "Janie"
"Merlin" was magical
The more the merrier with Shamus,
Patrick, Allie, Tina, Bruiser & Matthew
Baby Comet in Winter
"Big John" and "Monique" loved their
post walk massages
Love & Licks from "Bandit"
"Middy Moo-Moo" loved her training

Dog Day Afternoon
"Luke" rides in style
Little "Levi"

Precious is precious
with big brother Oliver
Sheba & Grizzly
post-training play
New best friend
"Sherman" with Grizz
For The Love Of Pets
Summer Camp 2008
Moonshadow & Camaro
No more racing for rescued Janie
Brandy &Grizzly
afternoon hike
Maggie, Lily & Grizz in the big
comfy bed

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all creatures great and small